tarczynskiThe Tarczyński Brand was established in 1989. At first, the company operated under the name „Jacek Tarczyński – Food Processing Company”. The current name was approved of after a series of transformations and changes of the structure of the enterprise. Throughout the consecutive years, the company succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of its consumers, both in the country and abroad. The modern products of the brand are known all over the world, but the company mainly focuses on satisfying the needs of the customers from Europe.

The success of the Tarczyński brand is dominated by numerous features. Aside from professional recipes, which have been developed through years, utilized machinery is also of significant importance. Innovative production lines guarantee the efficiency of food processing and make it possible to make quality products while in the same time complying with the restrictive regulations imposed by the food industry. What is more, the company employs skilled professionals, who improve the image of the brand every single day.

The products offered by the Tarczynski Company are widely recognized and appreciated by the customers. Such a state of affairs is additionally highlighted by the fact that on 18th June 2014, the Company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It was yet another step towards more comprehensive development of the enterprise. As of today, the Tarczyński Inc. Company has its seat in Trzebnica and is considered to be one of the best food processing companies in the country. Despite the products sold under the Tarczyński brand, the firm also distributes Dobrosława and Starpack commodities.





It is a food product designed mainly for the Butter chickencustomers, who have been looking for innovations. Butter chicken is an extremely successful combination of chicken meat with the pleasant and intense taste of butter. The meal as a whole is crunchy, juicy, and has a wonderful smell. The recipe for this product, even though it is rather new, will undoubtedly be developed and modified. Nevertheless, even now the product is extraordinary and low in fat (only 3%).



This is an appetizer, which is remarkably popular Thin ham sausageamong the Polish consumers. The thin ham sausage produced by the Tarczyński Inc. Company is made of thin pork meat. Its unusual taste and aroma are induced thanks to an abundance of herbs properly mixed together. The aforementioned ham sausage is simply perfect for appetizers and salads. It should be tried by the gourmets willing to consume something delicious and innovative.



Fuet is a type of sausage made of pork meat. The Spanish Fuetoriginal taste and aroma are the secrets of the Tarczyński Company, but it is worth mentioning that this food product is exceptionally popular and willingly chosen by the customers. Fuet may be served in various ways – as an addition to traditional sandwiches, salad additive, or an appetizer. While considering the latter, olives or a glass of sherry will go with it smoothly.



The secret of the exceptional taste, intense smell, and Lithuanian Skilandisproper consistency of this product is strictly connected with its recipe. Skilandis is made basing on the recommendations of an Old Lithuanian culinary tradition. Its basis – except for delicious meat – is a mixture of the best herbs in a proper amount. All those combined make the Skilandis crunchy, soft, and juicy in the same time. The product is perfect to add to typical sandwiches as well as a taste and smell enhancer, especially while added to other meals. You should definitely try it!



Salami is a part of the offer of almost every food Vienna Salamiproducer, but the Tarczyński Company has decided to offer its customers something exceptional. The said salami is produced out of carefully selected types of pork meat. As the appetizer in question undergoes the fermentation process, it is tasty, aromatic, and has an aftertaste being typical for all the matured meats. The product should be of special interest for all the gourmets, who do not imagine a day without tasting a new culinary masterpiece.



It is another product for all the customers being in Huntsman’s sausagelove with traditional, home-like tastes. The Huntsman’s sausage branded by the Tarczyński Company overshadows the remaining products of that type, mainly due to its crunchiness and intense aroma. The sausage is produced using only the best types of pork meat and then thoroughly dried. Thanks to the latter, it has a recognizable taste of juniper. It is a perfect additive to sandwiches and salads.



The said product is our offer for all the clients, who Lard with onionsimply cannot stand not trying traditional meals on everyday basis. Lard with onion is additionally enriched by means of adding quality meat to it. This mixture tastes astoundingly while being spread on the bread. Its intense taste and aroma makes it impossible to go unnoticed by good meal aficionados. The ready food product is afterwards canned in nicely designed glass jars, making it easier to store and move with you.



This food product is made exclusively out of high Chili pepperoni stickquality meat. Its secret is the taste – spicy and aromatic thanks to addition of a bit of chili. The chili pepperoni sticks offered by the Tarczyński Company are perfect for a snack, but they may also be added to salads and other types of meals. They are surely a great solution for all the customers willing to enrich their daily routine by adding some new flavors to it. Do you want to try something unusual?



Another offer brought to the customers by the Kettle hamTarczyński Company as a part of the „Kettle meat” range. It is made exclusively of pork meat. During the smoking procedure, it is placed on a special net, which has been prepared earlier by processing it in a kettle. The effect is a juicy, soft, and crunchy meat with a breathtaking aroma. It is our number one for the customers admiring the flavor of traditional cooked meat.



They are produced out of chicken breasts. Fillet-Fillet-based sausagesbased sausages, as they are our main point of focus at the moment, are lightly smoked. Therefore, not only do they taste amazing, but also they are characteristic due to their aroma. They are suitable as both cold and hot snacks, and while being grilled – they are just perfect for children. After proper preparation, the aforementioned sausages may also serve the role of appetizers. We can wholeheartedly recommend this food product!