sokolowThe food processing enterprise, „Sokołów” L.L.C. is a company, the headquarters of which is located in Sokołów Podlaski. Currently, the company incorporates as many as seven food processing branches, but the history of unique products and exceptional tastes started in a small butchery in Poznan around 1899. The very first food products were made there. The receipts created at that time are still used by the company – they are the secret of unique and intensive taste, color, and consistency of the individual products.

Sokołów” Inc. is one of the most popular branches in Poland and abroad. Food products offered by the company are appreciated and admired in various countries of the world – starting from the member states of the European Union, through the United States, to Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Such a success has been achieved not only thanks to following the traditional patterns of food preparation and usage of natural ingredients, but also due to the fact that the production halls owned by the company are equipped with the state-of-the-art devices. Taking advantage of the latter facilitates producing healthy and safe food. Thanks to such mode of operation, the company in question has been awarded with numerous certificates, as the production process complies with all the globally acceptable norms and safety systems

The „Sokołów” Inc. brand develops constantly. Aside from classic products, the company has been introducing new treats to the market in the same time stimulating the interest of the consumers. The exceptional quality of the offered goods is additionally proven by numerous awards – in 2009 alone, the company received Super Brand and Business Super Brand titles.





One of the best types of ham offered by the Grandma’s Ham„Sokołów” Inc. Enterprise. The said product is made out of carefully chosen best quality pork meat. The smoking process is also of importance as it enhances the ham’s flavor and smell. Choice of mild spices makes the aforementioned food product tender, soft, and properly moist. The Grandma’s Ham can be recommended to all our customers not only to put on bread, but also to create various innovative meals.


Unusual name, unusual taste. The San San Valley LoinValley Loin is a product made out of pork loin of superb quality. Deep, characteristic taste and exceptional looks of the meat are achieved thanks to the introduction of smoking to the production process. The taste-related features of the San Valley Loin should be taken into consideration by the customers, as well as its shape and color, being clear references to the Old-Polish sausages prepared in rural areas. All those factors combined make it a perfect meal to serve on everyday basis and to indulge your guests with it during a holiday.



It is yet another delicious product prepared Regale back baconfor the customers of the „Sokołów” Inc. Company. The Regale back bacon is made out of pork forend basing on a traditional recipe. Thanks to such an approach, the product is crunchy, soft, and has a highly characteristic aftertaste caused by accurate combination of numerous herbs. The bacon will be just perfect for all the customers who are keen on trying classic food tastes. It is great to eat alone or combine with other meals, especially salads of various kinds.


Tyrolska is one of the favorite cooked meats Regale back baconof the Poles. The „Sokołów” Inc. Company offers this product as a mixture of pork and chicken meat. The recognizable taste of canned meat, perfect consistency, and one-of-a-kind smell make the said appetizer popular among the consumers.  The Tyrolska cooked meat is not only a soft meat to be served on bread – it may also be added to such meals as salads in order to boost their overall taste. It must be also pointed out that Tyrolska is also adored by children.




The Sausage from the Shack is made out of Sausage from the shackhigh quality pork meat. Its characteristic, distinguishable taste is the effect of professional smoking, taking advantage of a great recipe, and using the right composition of herbs. The aforementioned sausage is sold in a special, fully natural casing. It may also be used as one of components of typical sandwiches, served as an appetizer during the day, as well as utilized to enhance the gustatory value of other meals.




It is an astonishing product for all the Bavarian Hockaficionados of tasty meals right from the grill. This grill appetizer produced by the „Sokołów” Inc. Company will surely amaze the customers with its softness and juiciness. The Bavarian Hock is produced out of pork meat with casing, and is accurately parboiled and cooked. Constantly enriched recipe, natural spices, and the characteristic smell – those are the advantages of this meat, which should encourage all consumers to try it.


Among the products offered by the Premium cranberry pate„Sokołów” Inc., its customers may find canned meat as well. One of them is the premium cranberry pate, made of pork meat and flavored with cranberry.  Thanks to the latter, is has a mild, sugary taste. It is surely a perfect solution for the individuals looking for fresh and unique tasters. This cranberry pate may become one of meals during camping or be used as a sandwich addition.


This food product brought to the customers Ham with vegetablesby the „Sokołów” Inc. Company is characteristic not only due to its lightly acid taste, but also – due to its exceptional looks. The product is made of chopped pork ham mixed with vegetables (bell pepper, corn, mushrooms, and cucumbers). The satisfactory consistency of the whole is achieved by covering it with tasty aspic. Ham with vegetables is recommended especially for the consumers searching for some new taste-related adventures.


This range of products can be recommended Salami chips – spicy and garlic-flavoredmainly because it incorporates first meat-based snacks in Poland. Currently, the Salami Chips are available in two basic tastes – bell pepper (spicier), and garlic-flavored (milder ones). They are made of high quality pork meat, which is cut in a shape typical for chip during the processing procedure. They are perfect as starters during parties and may be also consumed on everyday basis.


Those sausages are one of very few ones Ham sausagesmade 93 % out of meat. Due to the fact that they are not covered in protective casings, their preparation is quick and simple. Ham sausages are perfect as a quick snack during the day, may be served for children, as well as added to other meals to make them notably tastier. The sausages in question are distributed in four size variations and in two basic tastes: classic and cheese-flavored.