prosiaczekThe „Prosiaczek” Company was registered in 1994 and since then it has been expanding its field of operation as a cooked meats producer. Such undertakings have been possible thanks to making a few crucial investments, including the food processing factory located in Krąplewice. After few years of operation, the owners of the firm decided to expand it by adding several production halls. They are equipped with modern devices and production lines. Today, the products made by the company comply with the required standards and regulations, as well as appreciated by customers both in the country and abroad.

There are few facts confirming the safety of the production process and the trust of the customers. In 2004, the enterprise was awarded with an international certificate confirming that the company meets all the requirements concerning industrial safety in good production. What is more, the modern products offered by the “Prosiaczek” Company are known not only in Poland but also abroad. Still, the company focuses on safitsying the needs of the customers from Europe.



Westphalian hamWESTPHALIAN HAM

One of the leading products sold under the „Prosiaczek” brand, which may be recommended to all the gourmets, who love to start their day with a tasteful and aromatic meat. The Westphalian ham is made basing on a traditional recipe. Unique gustatory features are strongly connected with adding properly chosen spices to the meat in the production process. The thorough smoking procedure cannot be underestimated as well. It is responsible for the final color and aroma of the finished product. Try it for yourself!

Tucholski gammonTUCHOLSKI GAMMON

This appetizer is a perfect offer for the individuals willing to try something traditional and tasty. The Tucholski gammon is a wonderful composition of various types of meat and spices. Not only does it taste exceptionally well, but also lures the customer with its unique aroma. The product has also been widely appreciated by the customers due to its high nutritional value. What is more, the aforementioned gammon may be added to sandwiches or homemade salads.

Bydgoskie sausagesBYDGOSKIE SAUSAGES

It is a product, which is just perfect for children who are willing to consume something light and healthy during the day. What is more, it may be added to enhance the taste of prepared dished. The aforementioned sausages offered to the customers by the „Prosiaczek” Company are produced according to the old recipe. Thanks to it, the product is both tasty and aromatic. The Bydgoskie sausages are produced without casings. They are appreciated within the borders of Poland and in Europe.

Truffle-flavored roastTRUFFLE-FAVORED ROAST

It is another product from a wide range of culinary masterpieces offered by the „Prosiaczek” company. The truffle-flavored roast has a rich flavor and exceptional aroma. The producer also focused on enhancing the gustatory sensations by additionally flavoring the meat with truffles. The final product is not only delicious but also looks stunningly good. We would like to encourage all the aficionados of roast and our other customers to give this product a try. It is definitely worth it!

Pork jellyPORK JELLY

Colorful alluring, and above all – tasty. That is how the pork jelly may be described. It is made exclusively of small bits of pork meat. The mixture is then covered with a tasteful jelly. Such a composition is just perfect while attempting to surprise the guests during a party or preparing an unusual meal. It is distinctive due to its color, aroma, and softness. We recommend it to all food lovers willing to try something refreshing!

Sopocka tenderloinSOPOCKA TENDERLOIN

Almost everyone knows the taste of this tenderloin. Nevertheless, sometimes it is a great idea to try a well-known product in its new version. The Sopocka tenderloin made by the “Prosiaczek” company is surely worth recommending. The tenderloin is crispy, soft, and juicy in the same time. Its slices are perfect to be consumed with fresh bread or added to salads and more sophisticated meals.