platekThe „Płatek” Company was established in 1992. From the very beginning of its operation, it has been focused on providing its customers with astonishingly tasty and natural meat. It has been possible due to the fact that numerous chefs and culinary experts have been employed by the enterprise. One of them was Władysław Płatek, father and grandfather of the current owners of the company. Today, the company is still developing in a rapid manner, but stays loyal to two basic principles – focusing on traditional recipes and utilizing modern, innovative technology. That is why the products offered by the company are appreciated by both national and foreign gourmets.

Among the products offered by the company, there are not only sausages or liver-based products, but also smoked and cooked meats. The production of individual culinary masterpieces takes place in a modern production hall. Therefore, the company meets the requirements of the international standards. Moreover, the introduction of modern machinery has made it possible to extend the range of offered commodities and expand the company. Just a few years earlier, the firm produced a limited amount of goods, which were additionally made only with the national consumers in mind. Currently, the situation is notably different – the production in gradually increasing, as well as the number of customers both from Poland and from aborad. Such a state of affairs is caused by the fact that the “Płatek” branded commodities are produced without using any chemical additive or flavor enhancers. They are smoked in separate rooms and quality types of wood are used for this purpose.





It is an exceptional product made of meticulously selected Lisiecka Sausagebits of ham and loin. The Lisiecka Sausage has a breathtaking taste and aroma – they are achieved thanks to the usage of professionally chosen spices and prolonged smoking. The latter process gives the product an unusual, intensive color. The said product may be consumed with bread only or used to add some flavor to more sophisticated meals.



How to keep the freshness of a sausage for a remarkably Semi-dried sausagelonger period of time? The “Płatek” company surely knows something about that and puts this knowledge into effect while producing its goods. The Semi-dried sausage is made of pork ham filled with meat stuffing. The product in question is not only smoked but also dried in order to maintain its proper condition for longer. Great taste and characteristic aroma are also granted thanks to the utilization of a proper mixture of herbs.



The exceptionally tasty brawn is brought by the „Płatek”Liszki Brawn Company to its customers thanks to the combination of pork meat, knuckles, and skin. Gourmets will surely notice that it is also covered with spices, especially Garlic which grants the meat an unforgettable flavor. This culinary masterpiece stands from the crowd because of its traditional taste. We recommend you to try it with crispy, fresh bread. Bon apetit!



It is yet another characteristic product served to the Smoked gammoncustomers under the „Płatek” brand. It is made basing on a traditional, old Polish recipe and contains no gluten. Therefore, it may be safely consumed by all the individuals who are following the principles of the gluten-free diet. The gammon’s taste is also remarkable – it is intense and distinctive. The product is crunchy, juicy, and perfect to be combined with sandwiches and other meals.



This product is made of loin and bacon. Crunchy, soft, Traditional Smoked Baconand delicious – all those features are granted not only by taking advantage of an original recipe, but also due to mixing spices in proper proportions. It may be undoubtedly stated that this delicious food product may be served on everyday basis, as well as during various parties and meetings. It should be chosen because of its unrivalled taste, characteristic taste, and fantastic consistency.



Liszki smoked sausages are made by the company inLiszki smoked sausages accordance with the traditional recipe. Only high quality pork meat and natural spices are used during its production. The final product is a culinary masterpiece astonishing the customers with its taste, consistency, and aroma. The sausages are perfect as appetizers, but may be also used to prepare other meals and appetizers.



Ham is a product that is willingly chosen by the Ham from the highlander’s barrelconsumers. The product offered by the “Płatek” Company is unique end exceptional on various levels. It is made out of meticulously chosen parts of pork meat, and marinated for a long period of time in a tasteful liquid. Afterwards, the meat is smoked to enhance its color. The product may be consumed alone, with bread, or added to various dishes consumed on everyday basis.



The exceptional taste of the product is the result of Homemade hamtaking advantage of an old Polish procedure. The Homemade ham undergoes a number of processes, including marinating and smoking. All those undertakings make it possible to create a crunchy, juicy, and soft final product! It may be recommended to all the customers, who are looking for an unrivalled taste and want to add something to their sandwiches or salads.



This sausage is made by following the recommendations Traditional Court Sausageof an original recipe. Only thin bits of pork meat are used to make it. What is more, the overall taste of it is enhanced thanks to the usage of a combination of wonderful spices. The said undertakings translate into a great taste, which is admired by the gourmets keen on trying traditional tastes. The Traditional Court Sausage is soft, juicy, and light – it is just a perfect choice for our clients!



Crunchy, juicy, and tasteful – all those superlatives Turkey hamconcern the Turkey ham. It is a perfect solution for the individuals looking for a great additive to their traditional sandwiches or dishes, as its taste is intense and remarkably meaty. It is made of thin, selected bits of pork meat. The final product is a high quality ham with high nutritional value. It is worth to try it and share it with your friends!