NikPolNik-Pol L.L.C. has been operating on the Polish market since 1991. In that year, first cooked meats appreciated by the customers were produced. Currently, the company is still developing – from a small, highly limited company to a big, properly manager food processing enterprise. What is more, the company has managed to achieve numerous successes on European food markets.

NiK-Pol L.L.C., just as the majority of companies operating in this branch of industry, produces its cooked meats basing on the traditional recipes. Thanks to them, the taste of their goods is just breathtaking, and they are well known by the customers and gourmets. There are many more factors that must be combined in order to achieve a success - the company is fully aware of all of them and equipped its facilities with the most technologically advanced devices, as well as employed skilled workers only.




This exotically sounding name refers to a very tasty ham. It is produced out of hand picked pork meat, and its unusual taste is based on adding proper proportions of various herbs to the mixture. The ham does not contain any artificial flavors or taste enhancers, and therefore has its own, alluring aroma. The ham may not only be recommended to gourmets of all kinds, but also to the customers, who are in search of crunchy, delicious, and aromatic meat. It is one of the best products offered by the Nik-Pol Company.

Borownik sausageBOROWNIK SAUSAGE

The term refers to an exceptionally tasty and aromatic sausage. It is produced by the Nik-Pol Company under the „Borownik” brand. Its captivating and unique taste is achieved by mixing various spices together in proper proportions. This sausage is one of the products made in accordance with the recommendations of an original recipe. It is great while served cold, hot, and from the grill.

Tenderloin from the GranaryTENDERLOIN FROM THE GRANARY

The tenderloin is made of best, most valuable types of pork meat. The exceptional taste of this meat is achieved thanks to following the traditional recipe. After 12 days of marinating, spicing, and smoking, this exceptional product is offered right to the customers. The tenderloin is remarkably crunchy, soft, and has a highly distinguishable aroma. All those features combined make it a treat for consumers from Poland and abroad. We can only recommend this culinary masterpiece!

Sausage from the ShacSAUSAGE FROM THE SHACK

It is yet another product brought to the customers by the Nik-Pol Company. The aforementioned sausage is produced of high quality and handpicked bits of pork meat. Its exceptional taste is not only achieved thanks to adding a variety of different herbs, but also due to following the traditional recipe. Therefore, the final product is free from any phosphorates, citrates, or salt. Delicious taste, alluring color, and perfect consistency of this sausage make it perfect to be served both cold and hot.