This is a company with a long lasting tradition. In 1951, the „Animex” Food Products Import-Export Center was created. Today, the Animex Inc. Company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company has been operating on the market for 60 years, and the products offered by it are widely appreciated by the customers.

The Animex Group owns numerous brands which complement each other, creating a broad range of commodities for individual customers. Aside from the popular brands as: Morliny, Morlinki, Krakus, Berlinki, or Mazury, the company also created such ranges of products as Pek and Yano. The latter are also known abroad, including the United States, Lithuania, Latvia, and Great Britain. Thanks to its rapid development, the company is now capable of satisfying the needs of its customers worldwide.

Products brought to the customers by the Animex Group are appreciated by its customers. One of the facts justifying this state of affairs is awarding the Krakus and Morliny brands with the Superbrands title between 2013 and 2014. It is therefore highly recommended to familiarize with the offer of the company!





Among the sandwich hams produced by the Animex Sandwich hamsGroup, the following can be distinguished: Ham Appetizer, Familia, or Favorite ham. They are all made out of best quality bits of meat and enhanced with properly chosen herb mixtures. Thanks to that, they are highly distinguishable in terms of taste and aroma. They are perfect to combine with fresh bread, salads, and other meals.



The Animex Group is the producer of various smoked meats, Smoked meatincluding hams, bacons, tenderloin, and gammons. The aforementioned products are praised by the customers and are consumed willingly. It is especially caused by the care of the company to make all their meats crunchy, soft, and juicy. The aromatic smoked meats include the Krotonoszyńska tenderloin, smoked bacon, or highly favored Sopocka tenderloin.



They are not only chosen by children. Sausages Sausagesproduced by this company are chosen by adults as well. The food products offered by the Animex Group are distinguishable due to their taste, which is in turn achieved by combining an original recipe with proper proportions of various herbs and spices. After accurate seasoning, the sausages become aromatic and delicious. They are sold alone and packed in various types of protective boxes. It is exceptionally easy to choose a product that will be suitable for you!



The Animex Group is fully aware of the likes and dislikes Offalsof its customers. Offals are original complement of the wide offer of this company. They are made in accordance with the recommendations of traditional recipes. Premium pate, Warmian pate, or Mother-in-law’s black pudding are only some of the wide range of offals. They are perfect for sandwiches and to be added to other meals. Being a cooked meats distributor, we can offer you a variety of offals.



Take them with you for a picnic, hitchhiking, or a longer Tinned meatjourney – they are perfect, no matter where you go. Nevertheless, choose wisely and remember that the best types of tinned products are made out of quality meat. The Animex Group offers only such captivating culinary masterpieces. They are always fresh and tasty, regardless of the conditions. We can wholeheartedly recommend them.



Those are perfect products that may be chosen by all the Traditional sausagesindividuals in love with classic taste. Among the offered types of processed meat, such sausages as Masurian, Silesian, or Warmian can be encountered. They are all not only tasty but also highly aromatic. They are packed in boxes of various sizes for the customer to choose the amount of sausages he or she wants. The traditional sausages are perfect for cooking, baking, and grilling.