markoIn 1991, the Production, Commerce, and Service-oriented Company called „Marko” was established in Sokolniki. From the very beginning of its operation, the company has been focused on high quality of offered products and their exquisite taste. It is possible thanks to utilization of traditional recipes and innovative technological solutions. Presently, the company is equipped with innovative production lines and the HACCP procedures have also been properly implemented. They guarantee proper food safety on each production stage. All those undertakings make it possible to create unique and safe commodities.

The dynamic development of „Marko” has been possible thanks to investments and awards granted to certain food products in both national and international competitions. The commodities sold under the “Marko” branch may be found in Polish shops, as well as in the shops of member states of European Union.





They are produced out of best quality meat. The Silesian sausagesSilesian sausages are perfect to be consumed as a snack, as well as a component of a nutritious meal. This product is willingly chosen by both children and adults. The „Marko” Company offers the said sausages in protective casings, which prolong their proper condition and maintain their taste. Exceptional aroma and great taste – those are only selected advantages of those sausages. As a distributor of cooked meats, we would like to recommend purchasing this product!


Onion-flavored MettONION-FLAVORED METT

Only the best meat is used to make this onion-flavored mett. Its exceptional taste and astonishing aroma are granted thanks to strict following the recommendations of a traditional recipe and usage of great spices. Aside from a natural mixture of herbs, the producer also uses onion. The final product, the onion-flavored mett is therefore aromatic and tasteful. The product tastes delicious with fresh, crunchy bread. This culinary masterpiece is surely worth recommending as it is not only astonishingly good but also nutritious.



Sandwiches are one of the most basic snacks in Pork ham sausagePoland. They are popular mainly thanks to the freedom in composing and modifying their content. The pork ham sausage is perfect for all types of sandwiches. It is made out of quality pork meat. The secret of this appetizer is its properly developed recipe and a flavorful mixture of various herbs thanks to which the product is aromatic and tasty.



It is definitely a product worth recommending. The Chuck steakchuck steak is made out of meticulously selected bits of pork meat. Its aroma and consistency cannot be underestimated as well. Slices of this steak are soft, thick, and exceptionally juicy. The product is perfect to be added to sandwiches on everyday basis or to be combined with other meals. It is a must to try!



It is an exceptionally tasty product made by the Folk gammon„Marko” Company. The folk gammon has a wonderful taste and even better an aroma. The product is made out of selected parts of pork meat basing on a traditional recipe. Thanks to such a state of affairs, the gammon is nutritious. It may be used as a sandwich additive or included in other meals. This food product should be tried by all the individuals looking for a real taste.



This product is definitely special and distinguishable, Ham with a leafespecially while comparing it to other types of ham offered on the market. Its exquisite color is achieved thanks to long lasting process of smoking. The ham with a leaf is special due to its taste and aroma. The individual slices of this great appetizer are crunchy, soft, and juicy. This product is just perfect to be consumed with bread or served with salads or more sophisticated meals on everyday basis or during special holidays.