jbb meatsThe said company is one of the most prominent and recognized Polish producers operating in the meat processing industry. It was established in 1992. At that time, the small-sized company employing only few workers decided to offer its products to the prospective clients. Looking through the prism of the enterprises’ development, it can be undoubtedly stated that it achieved a notable success – the number of employees has increased, together with the offered company-specific products admired by the consumers. The company is undoubtedly the leader in the aforementioned branch of industry and what is more – it has never stopped developing and expanding. Experienced professionals, as well as effective technological background – those are the major keys to success according to the JBB Company.

The headquarters of the enterprise is located in Łyse (the northeastern part of Poland), but – thanks to the support of our company, among others – the products offered by the firm in question are delivered to customers nationwide and abroad. Gourmets appreciate the products offered by JBB not only due to their exceptional freshness, but also thanks to their one-of-a-kind aroma and taste. The most important and valued food products sold by the company are: the Krakowska sausage, barreled ham, traditional Łyse ham, and Sopocka tenderloin.

Even though JBB makes its products by taking advantage of the traditional recipes, their top quality and exceptional organoleptic features are guaranteed. Such a state of affairs is caused by the fact that the enterprise is equipped with the modern manufacturing devices and restrictive food safety measures have been introduced in order to facilitate offering the consumers the best treats possible.

Being the distributor of the smoked meats delivering the said products to the customers from Poland and Western Europe, our company delivers a wide range of JBB’s commodities. They are fresh, healthy, and remarkably tasty. Furthermore, the said goods are delivered directly to the customers who have ordered them. We would like to encourage you to familiarize with exemplary products of the firm in question.




krakowska sausageKRAKOWSKA SAUSAGE

The Krakowska sausage is an exquisite type of meat admired by the Poles. The JBB Company produces it using the best pork meats available on the market. It is also worth mentioning that the real secret of its taste is the skillful seasoning with proper amount of spices and herbs. The smoking and drying stages also cannot be underestimated, as they are primarily responsible for the proper aroma of the products. Thanks to the enhanced and modified formula, the sausage is crusty and soft in the same time.


Chef’s smoked pork sausageCHEF'S SMOKED PORK SAUSAGE

This food product is offered as a representative of the „Joseph’s Butcher Shop”. Its unique taste and aroma of a dried sausage has been achieved by the experts at JBB by taking advantage of best meat and traditional recipe. Proper composition of herbs and smoking the meat by means of meticulously chosen wooden bits are the distinctive features of this type of pork sausage. After smoking, the meat in question is also dried. Thanks the said procedure, the taste of the product is simply breathtaking. Calling it a perfect appetizer is surely not an exaggeration!


Smoked baconSMOKED BACON

The offered smoked bacon is a perfect solution to enhance the looks and taste of various meals. The aforementioned product is made by the JBB Company basing on an old, traditional recipe. Due to an accurately timed process of smoking, the meat is distinctive not only due to its exceptional color, but also - its pleasant smell. Only natural ingredients are utilized to produce this smoked bacon. They include, among others, natural salt and proper composition of spices. Every person considering himself or herself a gourmet should try this astonishing food product.


Salami with bell pepperSALAMI WITH BELL PEPPER

A one-of-a-kind food product that is a must for all the individuals interested in unusual tastes. The product is mildly spicy and therefore – it can be added to other meals. The JBB Company made the necessary effort to ensure its customers that the meat utilized for production of this salami is of superior quality. Natural spices and the recipe developed for many years directly translate into salami with bell pepper, which lures the guests with remarkable color and exquisite taste. Everyone should definitely check it out!


Homemade meat pieHOMEMADE MEAT PIE

It is a pure taste pleasure, especially for those of customers, who are in love with all the homemade products. The homemade meat pie in question is made basing on a traditional recipe and the producer does his best to use only the best, most unique, and natural spices. The product stands out of the crowd because of its taste, color, and consistency, leaving other appetizers available on the market in the shadow. The aforementioned meat pie may be served on everyday basis, as well as a special holiday meal. Try it for yourself!


Zdzich’s Smoked BaconZDZICH'S SMOKED BACON

The said food product is the next appetizer widely appreciated by the customers of the JBB Company. The Zdzich’s Smoked Bacon is prepared by following the recommendation of an old recipe. The main secret of its flavor is the proper mixture of herbs and long smoking, for which only superb wooden bits are utilized. The combination of both leads to notably different color of the meat and its astounding aroma. It is our choice for the gourmets, who like their meat to taste in a recognizably different manner.



It is one of the leading products offered by the JBB Company. The Łyse Ham is an appetizer made out of best type of meat, accurately chosen and mixed herbs…and a bit of experience of the producer. What is characteristic for this very ham is its exceptional taste, combined with unparalleled color. If you want to astonish your guests with a delicious and unusual meal, the Łyse Ham is definitely worth considering. This meat is undoubtedly one of the best offered by the JBB Company.


London ham-based sausagesLONDON HAM-BASED SAUSAGES

London ham-based sausages are perfect for children and their parents as well. A great, distinguishable taste is combined with satisfactory color and the consistency praised by our customers. This food product is additionally sold in a special package – while purchasing the sausages, their quality is ensured thanks to the utilization of 0,4 kg packages. London ham-based sausages are not only great separately as appetizers – they may also be added to other meals in order to improve their taste.



Another tasty food product brought to the customers by the JBB Company. The Italian Headcheese has an amazing taste due to a superb composition of various types of meat and natural spices. It does not contain any artificial color or taste enhancers. Therefore, it is not only tasty but also remarkably healthy. Soft, tasteful, exceptionally looking – here is a perfect definition of this food product. It is an appetizer worth trying, especially if you are a traditional taste aficionado or an explorer in search for something new.



It is a sausage, the unique taste of which is granted by the grains of juniper used in the process of its production. The Jałowcówka Sausage has been a typical Polish dish since the Old-Polish cuisine traditions and is still highly admired by our customers. The product offered by the JBB Company is not only excellently dried, but also crunchy and thin. An intensive, tempting aroma combined with a clearly distinguishable color – those are only the basic reasons to choose this very product…and there are more. This sausage will surely enhance the taste of other served meals.