gaikThis family business was established in 1991. In its initial phase, the enterprise operated mainly as a slaughterhouse, but after few years, its products were appreciated and recognized by a number of customers. Three years later, a dynamic expansion of the company began and an innovative production-oriented object with technologically advanced equipment was built. Currently, the owners of the „Gaik” Company still focus on innovative solutions and development.

The products of the „Gaik” are well known not only hanks to their taste but also – due to their wonderful aroma. The enterprise cares about the environment and follows the principles of sustainable development in its operation. The utilization of a state-of-the-art water treatment and waste segregation are only the examples of the environmentally friendly undertakings performed by the company. Due to numerous attempts and successful transactions made by the owners, the company not only supplies the Polish customers with its products but the citizens of the member states of European Union as well.



Baked court pateBAKED COURT PATE

It is a perfect appetizer to be consumed with fresh and crunchy bread. The baked court pate is a product made only out of best quality types of meat. The secret of its taste and aroma is the original, developed recipe, as well as addition of proper spices. Delicate and firm – the pate is a treat both for the individuals eating traditional products on everyday basis and those who are willing to try something new.

lemon flavored hamLEMON-FLAVORED HAM

This ham is mainly characteristic due to its captivating taste. Characteristic name and aroma – those are the features that should encourage everyone to try this culinary masterpiece. Low fat level and softness of the slices directly translate into the suitability of this food product to be added to sandwiches or other, more advanced meals. It should also be taken into consideration that the meat produced by the “Gaik” company is made only out of best parts of meat. Due to the fact, the final product is a wonderful choice for every gourmet.

Tinned hamTINNED HAM

Traditional and tasty ham. Its aroma, taste, and shape are widely recognizable by all the food aficionados. It is produced in blocks from best bits of pork meat. The “Gaik” Company also cares about adding herbs in proper proportions to it. Therefore, the mixture is tender, aromatic,and simply delicious. It is chosen by children and adults as well. You should definitely try it!

Smoked sausageSMOKED SAUSAGE

It is yet another product which is popular among the customers. The exceptional color of the product is one of its main distinctive features. It is achieved thanks to professional drying and smoking procedures. The sausage is made out of the best types of meat and therefore – it is tasty, healthy, and nutritious. It should be chosen by all the individuals interested in natural tasted. This ham is also great for grilling.