dubikThe „Dubik” Food Processing Company is a well-equipped and technologically advanced company, which has been operating since 2002. Throughout its operation, the firm has been expanded and modernized in order to meet the restrictive European norms concerning food production. Sustainable development has turned out to be beneficial for the company in question – today the products offered by this enterprise are appreciated not only by Polish customers, but by the foreign gourmets as well.

The „Dubik” Company has been focused on innovative solutions and high gustatory value of the produced goods. Their smoked meats and other commodities are meticulously produced and processed. It must be also indicated that the products sold under the “Dubik” brand do not contain chemical additives and preservatives – except from the vital ingredient being pickling salt.

The unusual taste of the products is achieved thanks to using proper proportions of various herbs and spices, such as marjoram, bell pepper, garlic, coriander, or onion. The smoking process also cannot be underestimated. It is executed in a natural smoking chamber with the utilization of alder wood. All those features combined directly translate into a perfect taste of the offered food products. As a smoked meats distributor, we can wholeheartedly recommend this producer.





This food product is a perfect solution for all the Cracow chicken sausageindividuals, who truly love the taste of a homemade sausage. The product in question is made out of handpicked chicken meat. It is exceptional not only thanks to its taste, but its aroma is also beyond compare. The „Dubik” company does not use any artificial flavor or color enhancers, replacing them with natural herbs. Thanks to that, the taste of the sausage is soft and exceptionally pleasant.



Delicate, firm, with a distinctive aroma and color – Cooked tenderlointhose are all the distinctive features of the cooked tenderloin. This product will surely be appreciated by all the gourmets favoring a mixture of truly unique tastes. It is produced out of high quality meat and spices – therefore, it is just great to be consumed with bread or salads of all sorts.



This food product is made out of meticulously chosen Regional sausagepork and beef meat bits. The natural composition of spices improves the taste, as well as the aroma and color of it. The aforementioned culinary masterpiece may be eaten cold, cooked, or be used as an addition to other, more sophisticated meals. It is also a great idea to grill it! We would like to highly recommend this sausage.



This product is considered by many to be a culinary Wild boar sausagemasterpiece. The wild boar sausage is made out of pork and wild boar meat. Its taste and aroma are so pleasant due to following the original recipe, as well as using proper proportions of various herbs. It may be consumed as a snack eaten during the day, as well as be utilized as a taste enhancer by adding it to other meals.



Big, juicy slices and a wonderful taste. This regional Regional hamham is exceptional not only due to its aroma, but also due to its one-of-a-kind taste. This product is perfect for sandwiches and salads. It may be wholeheartedly recommended, as it does not contain any chemical additives or taste enhancers (except from pickling salt which is indispensible in the production process). The regional ham will be surely admired by your whole family!



A great product, which may be eaten as a snack or a Veal sausagesnutritious meal – while combined with other ingredients. It is produced only out of best veal and pork meat bits. Perfectly chosen spices give the sausages an exceptional and breathtaking aroma. The product also comes with a protective casing, prolonging the freshness and unusual juiciness of this culinary masterpiece.