bacowkaThe „Bacówka” brand bestows its consumers with unique and exceptional products. All of them – except of their great taste – are produced in a small butcher shop located in the town of Rajbot in the Lesser Poland region. This is where the traditional recipes are stored and afterwards used to make astounding cooked meats. The superiority of the products is predominantly based on utilization of the best ingredients possible and crystal clear water.
„Bacówka” is a brand focusing on the tradition. It takes advantage of the recipes of the predecessors and the culinary recommendations of old chefs. It is the case, for example, with utilization of alder, beech, or juniper smoke in the smoking process in order to enhance the taste and aroma of the food product.

There are numerous features directly translating into the wonderful quality and superb taste of the cooked meats produced by the company. Above all, the representatives of the „Bacówka” brand state that they use 1 kg of meat to make 70 dg of a readymade product. Moreover, the company has been awarded for their creations numerous times. Here, we should mention the first place in the “Our Culinary Heritage – The Tastes of the Regions” competition for the matured “Brawuś from the Chamber” ham, as well as the “Tastes of the Regions” Medal for the natural ham. Thanks to such a state of affairs, each of the consumers may be sure that he or she chooses the best products based entirely on the recommendations of the old recipes. All the offered food products are fully natural – they do not contain taste enhancers or artificial substances. The products brought by the “Bacówka” Company are the guarantee of an outstanding quality!




„Lord Style Rumpa” ham"LORD STYLE RUMPA" HAM

This product definitely stands out form the crowd of typical and ordinary hams. Before serving to the customers, this appetizer is marinated in rock salt with addition of aromatic spices and then smoked in beech and alder to improve its aroma. The aforementioned procedures performed by the professionals make the flavor of the ham exceptional. The “Bacówka” Company focuses on producing its culinary masterpieces without any chemical additives or enhancers. Thanks to that, they may be safely consumed by children as well.


Goose pateGOOSE PATE

All the pate aficionados should be interested in this product signed with the name of the „Bacówka” brand. It is made basing on the traditional recipe and therefore its taste is simply out of this world. The pate is perfect for sandwiches, as well as a tasty addition to other meals. Despite its exceptional taste, the astonishing aroma must also be taken into consideration while describing it. This food product is a must for the individuals willing to try something both delicious and healthy.


Matured „Brawuś from the Chamber” hamMATURED "BRAWUŚ FROM THE CHAMBER" HAM

There is no exaggeration in calling this ham a masterpiece of meat processing, as it has been awarded with various prices a number of times. This ham is made of the best, handpicked pork hams. It is characteristic due to its softness and crunchiness. Natural spices added during the production process enhance the one-of-a-kind aroma of this very product. The “Brawuś from the Chamber” ham is a light and chemical additives-free appetizer for everyone.


What does it take to make a perfect sausage? The kielbasa swojaanswer is pretty simple – a great combination of its taste, aroma, and consistency. Those are all the advantages of the “Homemade” sausage, which is additionally exceptional thanks to its grayish bits. The secret of this product is smoking the sausage by means of the beech wood. It is additionally improved by adding numerous tasteful herbs and ingredients. It is a perfect product for the gourmets who cannot spend a single day without consuming a sausage-based meals.


Veal sausagesVEAL SAUSAGES

They are favored especially by children. The veal sausages produced by the „Bacówka” Company are made of the meticulously chosen veal and pork meat, translating into a high nutritional value of those appetizers. They are great as a light and healthy snack to consume throughout the day, but may be also used to prepare meals that are more sophisticated. The veal sausages offered by “Bacówka” are free of any chemical substances and flavor enhancers.


Liver sausageLIVER SAUSAGE

One of the most popular liver-based sausages. The product brought to the consumers by the „Bacówka” Company is made basing on an old Polish recipe. The latter is the key to achieving a creamlike consistency and soft taste of this product. What is more, this type of meat is free of any chemical substances and hazardous additives. The liver sausage tastes the best while combined with crunchy, fresh bread, but the customers may freely choose the manner of preparation.


Roasted baconROASTED BACON

Roasted bacon is a perfect solution for all the individuals who would like to experience an entirely different taste and aroma than usual. It is an exceptional creation smelling of garlic, cumin, and sweet marjoram. The product is made in a traditional manner, and therefore has a proper consistency and color. It is perfect to be served on bread, but the consumers may also choose to add it to other meals in order to enhance its flavor. This food product contains no chemical substances and taste enhancers.


Deer pepperoni sticksDEER PEPPERONI STICKS

The offer of all the meat processing companies must include peperoni sticks. The “Bacówka” Company has decided to focus entirely on their taste and aroma, taking advantage of the exceptional recipe designed by our predecessors. The pepperoni sticks are made out of carefully chosen types and bits of meat – game, bacon, and shoulders. In order to achieve the desired effect, the mixture is then smoked for many hours. Crunchy and delicious – those are truly special pepperoni sticks!


Natural hamNATURAL HAM

It is yet another type of ham brought by the „Bacówka” Company, which has been awarded with various food-related prizes. It is not only delicious but also remarkably crunchy and juicy. It is made of chosen big bits of meat, so the consecutive layers may be easily distinguished after slicing. Short smoking period leads to a mild, yet distinctive taste of the ham. It is perfect to consume on everyday basis, as well as add it as an ingredient to other meals and appetizers.


A superb product made of pork meat. Its aroma, Bacowski Bacontaste, and color are all achieved thanks to professional meat processing techniques utilization. They include, among others, sousing in compliance with the requirements of an old Polish recipe and smoking. The final product is an excellent ham – juicy and aromatic. What is more, it does not include any hazardous chemical substances and additives. The Bacowski Bacon is perfect for all types of meals – it will surely highlight their originality. It may be recommended to all our customers!